Leaders within the Hospitality industry are now utilizing hotel energy management systems to reduce energy consumption and conserve our natural resources. The benefits related to implementation of these systems are endless. The rewards are immeasurable. Hotels that practice energy management are leading the way in the area of energy conservation.

Hotels, which have installed sensors, have reduced their operating expenses as well as their energy consumption. Hotel rooms are vacant the greater percentage of the time. It makes little sense to heat or cool a vacant hotel guest room, beyond that which is absolutely necessary, when those guest rooms are unoccupied.

Energy Management Systems make it possible to control energy consumption without negatively impacting the comfort of hotel guests.

Effective hotel energy management systems enable hotel managers to program the individual guest room thermostats for efficiency, based upon certain predefined conditions.  These systems utilize motion sensors, thermostats with internal passive infrared (PIR) and processors, which collect and evaluate data. The thermostats are then programmed accordingly.